A flooded basement or home can be a heartbreaking affair. Cleaning up the mess, restoring structural components of the building and replacing valued possessions can be a monumental task, when something like this happens you will need professional help. Not only will clean-up, restoration and drying be required there will be insurance to deal with if your policy covers it.

Technical Knowledge Required

A great deal of knowledge and skill is required in a restoration, in addition to the experience needed to deal with insurers and authorities. Some of the things you are faced with during water damage restoration include:

  • Water and sludge removal
  • De-humidification
  • Mold remediation
  • Insurance claims
  • Deodorization

Specialized Equipment

A well established plumbing and restoration company will have the experience to deal with flood and fire restoration and the latest equipment to get the job done right. Their team of specialists know how to locate and identify hidden damage that might cause problems later, particularly the possibility of mold that could make your family sick after the event.

Potential Mold Problems Must Be Eliminated

If you have had a disaster such as described here, you need to pay attention to getting it done right so as to eliminate any chance of mold developing. You have probably heard of the sick building syndrome. It is a real possibility when there has been water damage. When this type of growth starts you are faced with mold remediation and restoration regardless.

If wet construction material like drywall is allowed to dry on its own it probably will not dry out completely. If that was to happen there will be mold growth. Once mold takes root you are looking at spores in the house and other nasty viral things that can destroy your health. A poor restoration job such as that done by amateurs is playing with fire. You are asking for trouble if the damage is not restored to its original dry condition.

Do not try to cut corners when you have had a basement flood or similar trouble with water damage. Call a professional plumbing and restoration company who deals with it regularly. You will not regret the decision.